If you are in the mood for a workout with a difference, a visit to Vertical Ventures indoor climbing gyms in North Tampa or St. Pete, is where you need to be. Vertical Ventures, established over ten years ago as Florida's first indoor climbing gym, is definitely a worthwhile choice!. 

On offer at Vertical Ventures (North Tampa) are more than 6,000 feet of indoor climbing space, and the St. Pete location has a whopping 20,000; so there's no way you're walking away unsatisfied with your route options. If you are conscious of your lack of experience, the truth is that it is way more important to get out there and give it your best shot. Or foot!

What is Vertical Ventures all about?

Vertical Ventures is the best way to experience indoor rock climbing in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Enthusiasts from all ranges of fitness and skill levels participate, making it an ideal group activity. It's a low-impact sport, so it's perfect for all ages. And, if climbing is not really your thing, the gym offers a range of yoga and fitness classes.

At Vertical Ventures, customers become more than just regular visitors to Florida's first indoor climbing gym - they form part of the Vertical Ventures family. Enjoy classes, special social events, and a friendly atmosphere while visiting this fun indoor climbing gym. 

Why should I give it a try you may ask?

Cost is always a consideration: the gym is incredibly affordable  An introductory rock climbing class is a steal at only $25 -! Vertical Ventures also offers day passes and "Quick Climb" options with excellent rates for climbers who just want to stretch their limbs occasionally. 

More great reasons to come and try: Indoor rock climbing is challenging but in a fun way. It allows you to engage in a fitness activity and enjoy yourself at the same time. There is always strength in numbers so bring your friends or family along, or you can fly solo. Another plus is that because it's indoors, you can exercise all year-round. 

How does it work? Do I get any help?

During your first visit to Vertical Ventures, you will learn the basics of rock climbing. You'll take part in a tutorial referencing how to use the equipment, and you will learn the different types of climbing. Top rope, auto belay, bouldering, and lead climbing are all skills you can master at Vertical Ventures. 

Note: Certain types of climbing may not be practiced by those 13.

On arrival, fill out a waiver before your first class at Vertical Ventures. In no time at all, you'll be all set to start climbing!

Visit  Vertical Ventures climbing gym to learn more! 

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