Integral Energy LLC was unanimously chosen by the Port Authority as the preferred contractor to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) station on the grounds of the Port Tampa Bay 

The station is primarily designed to serve fleet vehicles, but it will also be open to the public. On offer will be both regular gasoline and compressed natural gas. The addition of CNG is targeting the 9000 trucks that enter and exit the largest port in Florida every day. 

“We are thrilled to have our next project right here at home, and to bring smarter and cleaner fuel to Tampa Bay,” said Anddrikk Frazier, President, and CEO of Integral Energy. Frazier has been in the energy business since graduating from USF. “The station will serve passenger cars, but also fuel the trucks that are essential to making the largest port in Florida operational every day with CNG that will benefit everyone," Frazier added.

Four pumps at the station will be dedicated to CNG service, providing a steady supply for trucks and fleets wanting to change to cleaner and cheaper fuel for trucking. One of the biggest obstacles for those looking to make the change is the lack of available supply once on the roads, which the new station hopes to alleviate for Bay Area ground transportation companies.

The project will occupy 5.7 acres of land on the Southeast corner of Maritime and Causeway Boulevards, with a convenience store and a restaurant attached that will be operated by vendors yet to be determined. Integral will make the land “construction ready” as part of their 20-year lease, providing all site infrastructure, underground facilities, and utility connections.

“Integral Energy’s facility is an exceptional fit for the Port,” Port Tampa Bay President and CEO Paul Anderson said in a statement. “Integral Energy’s facility is an exceptional fit for the Port. Not only do we welcome clean fuel alternatives which are domestically produced, this station will support the thousands of trucks and growing number of service providers at the Port every day.”

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